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About Gasunie

About Gasunie

Gasunie manages and maintains the infrastructure for large-scale transport and storage of gas in the Netherlands and the northern part of Germany. Safety, reliability, sustainability and cost-effectiveness are central in everything we do. Our company was founded in 1963, four years after the discovery of natural gas in the northern Dutch province of Groningen. We are a public limited company under Dutch law and fully owned by the State of the Netherlands. Gasunie has two subsidiaries that manage the gas transport network: Gasunie Deutschland in Germany, and Gasunie Transport Services (GTS) in the Netherlands.

Our mission

Gasunie is a leading European energy infrastructure company whose core activities are gas transport and gas storage. We serve the public interest and facilitate the energy transition by providing integrated infrastructure services. We focus on value creation for our shareholder(s) and other stakeholders and apply the highest safety and business standards used in the sector.

Our vision

We believe in a sustainable future with a balanced energy mix and a lasting role for diversified gas. We believe that we serve our customers best with innovative gas and related infrastructure solutions.

Our three pillars

  • Ensuring a safe, reliable, affordable and sustainable gas infrastructure in our core area.
  • Contributing to an efficient gas infrastructure and services for a properly functioning European natural gas and LNG market.
  • Accelerating the transition to a carbon-neutral energy supply.