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Sustainable Development Goals: the 'green thread' running through our CSR policy

Continuing to expand our social contribution

"Make the world a better place for everyone – that's the aim of the United Nations. That's why, in 2015, it set goals to meet the challenges posed by poverty, education and the climate crisis worldwide: Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our CSR policy is in line with these global goals, which enable countries, companies and organisations to create a sustainable society together.

These goals suit us down to the ground, for that's exactly what we do: contribute towards a better society by ensuring the provision of a safe, sustainable, reliable and affordable energy infrastructure.

In these turbulent times the SDGs represent a compass. They are stable, focus on the long term and can expect to receive huge global support.
Aligning our CSR policy to the SDGs is a logical choice. The goals fit in well with our own short-term and long-term goals and enable us to focus more precisely on what is really important. Besides targeting poverty and education, the SDGs also focus on above all on sustainability. This is an important part of our business operations. The four SDGs that we have made into our core SDGs also have this as their main starting point. These SDGs support and connect our core activities and are linked to our mission, vision and strategy. By committing ourselves to these SDGs, we can further increase our social contribution and make it more visible.

Gasunie Green Deals
Gasunie's special Green Deals represent the concrete implementation of the SDGs. These nine Green Deals are projects with which we contribute to our vision for 2030. We're getting to work with these Green Deals, together with partners, stakeholders and other parties. After all, it is only by buckling down and working together that we can create a sustainable society."

Mark Wiekens, CSR coordinator