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SDG 17: Partnerships for the goals

We are more effective if we do it together

Everyone needs to act and we will have to work together. Worldwide. Not just governments but also companies, citizens and organisations. That is the key message of SDG 17. The vision and goals must be clear at regional, national and global level, and common principles and values must apply.

What are we doing?
Partnerships are extremely important for us. We could not complete a single project on our own, and what's more: we are more effective if we do it together.

We work with partners at every level: local, regional, national, European and global. Finding partners and collaborating with them is essential for creating new markets such as hydrogen, heat or CCS projects, or for projects involving major changes such as our natural gas projects. Where CO2 storage is concerned, our role is to be a facilitator. We ensure that the various parties enter into a dialogue with each other: the government, industry and state holdings, such as the Port of Rotterdam and EBN. Another example of intensive collaboration is hydrogen project HyWay 27, which we are working on with TenneT and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate. Together we are investigating how the existing gas network can be used to transport hydrogen. 

We are also associated with various national Green Deals, such as Green Deal 'Natural-gas-free districts' and Green Deal 'Hydrogen for the region'. These national Green Deals are a way for us to pool our knowledge.

Partnerships are also important for taking stock of our production chains of suppliers and buyers of products and services worldwide. Thanks to these collaborations we can be sure that we are only doing business with suppliers who, like us, have respect for people, the environment and the community.

"I think that, with the Green Deals we have now chosen, we are taking on our social role as a state-owned company".

Jan Marten Spanjersberg, Champion for Green Deal Social Chains