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SDG 7: Affordable and sustainable energy

At the heart of what we do

At present, 20% of the world's total population does not have access to any form of energy. The other 80% uses mainly fossil fuels, such as coal, oil and gas. Worldwide, the use of renewable energy sources wind, sun and water is increasing, but it is a slow process. In the Netherlands everyone has access to energy, in fact per capita energy consumption is on the high side in comparison with other countries around us. Unfortunately, as far as sustainable energy is concerned, we are languishing at the bottom of the list at European level.

What are we doing?
This goal fits in seamlessly with what we as Gasunie stand for: transporting energy safely, reliably and affordably. 
We have an impact with our day-to-day work. We invest in concrete renewable energy projects and in studies into sustainable energy scenarios. We search for ways to make the transition to sustainable energy and transport realistic and affordable. This involves working together with national and regional network operators, universities and European stakeholders.

The UN stresses that there is a great need for innovative business models that can provide for a turnaround in the energy supply. We see this as an opportunity to come forward as a major player. We are already concentrating on several renewable energy sources: heat, hydrogen and green gas, not to mention CO2 capture, transport and storage/reuse (CCUS). We believe that every CO2-neutral energy form will be absolutely essential in the energy system of the future. Projects such as WarmtelinQ (heat), Porthos in the Port of Rotterdam (CCUS), HyWay 27 (hydrogen), but also the continued promotion of green gas alongside natural gas as the cleanest fossil fuel, are just a few examples of this.
We are now looking at the potential for reusing some of our assets for transporting hydrogen. It would be great if, in the future, our entire network could be used for renewable gases

"I'm consciously focusing on the reuse of our assets because I believe that this will enable us to carry out the energy transition at a much lower social cost".

Hans Coenen, Champion for Green Deal Reusing Assets