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SDG 9: Innovation and infrastructure

We are introducing new technology and reliable infrastructure

The Netherlands is a leader in the field of infrastructure research and development. According to the UN, a good infrastructure is essential for creating a better world and a better quality of life. When we are talking about infrastructure, we are talking about transport, roads, irrigation, energy, information and communication technology (such as the internet). A large proportion of the world's population does not have any access to the internet, roads or electricity. And as long as that situation continues, the difference between poor and rich countries will be irreconcilable.

The Netherlands' infrastructure is in a good position and we are contributing to this every day. However, there is a great deal to be gained from making it sustainable.

What are we doing?
Here, too, we are engaged in studies into what type of infrastructure is necessary for a zero-emission energy supply and how we keep this affordable, reliable and safe. We are also carrying out projects in all areas that are in keeping with our vision and strategy: heat, hydrogen, green gas, natural gas and CCUS.

We are investigating, among other things, the possibilities for green hydrogen, which involves the conversion of solar or wind energy into hydrogen by means of electrolysis. We are also looking at the opportunities for hydrogen in industrial areas. In addition to this, we are exploring the options for emission-free or low-emission working, in both our daily activities on the gas transport network and in projects.

Other activities with which we are contributing to this have already been mentioned in the Green Deals, such as the reuse of existing assets, emission reductions and the use of responsible energy suppliers

"I'm committed to buying green power. This is how we stimulate its supply, making our role in the energy transition more credible".

Jeroen Zanting, Champion for Green Deal Energy – Purchasing