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The 'green thread' of our CSR policy

The Netherlands too is getting to work on the SDGs. Statistics Netherlands (CBS) assesses each year how our country is doing with the 17 themes. In some areas the Netherlands is doing well, in others we are lagging. To score well in all 17 objectives, the government is calling on the business community, social organisations and citizens. The business community in particular can make a significant contribution towards achieving the objectives, if only by reducing its own environmental impact and putting pressure on the whole production chain.

We have included four core SDGs in our CSR policy. They have been chosen based on mission, vision and strategy and they underpin the social value of our core activities. These activities are enabling us to make a major contribution towards accelerating the energy transition and CO2 reduction

SDG 7: Affordable and sustainable energy

Goal: Access to affordable, reliable and sustainable energy for all. The use of fossil fuels must be limited as far as possible and the opportunities for changing to sustainable energy sources must be encouraged. The switch to renewable energy is the priority here.

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SDG 9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Goal: A resilient infrastructure, sustainable industrialisation and the technological innovations making that possible. A better infrastructure makes it easier to achieve other goals and directly improves quality of life. Infrastructure development goes hand in hand with innovation and industrialisation.

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SDG 13: Climate action

Goal: Immediate action to combat climate change and its impacts. This SDG focuses on reducing global greenhouse gas emissions by at least 40% compared with 1990 levels by 2030 and on having a CO2-neutral energy supply by 2050.

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SDG 17: Partnerships for the goals

Goal: Form global partnerships for sustainable development. Global or regional collaborations must be pursued especially where technology, knowledge transfer, trade, data, policy coherence and financial flows are concerned. It is the only way to ensure that all countries move forward.

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