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Golden Rules of Safety

At Gasunie, we work amongst others according to ‘Golden Rules of Safety’. So that everyone understands what we at Gasunie mean by acting safely. Whether you are an employee, contractor or visitor. The Golden Rules of Safety are the ten rules mentioned below that are crucial for working safely within Gasunie.

We want to get people thinking with these ten Golden Rules of Safety – and all the other available documentation. Not just about safety in itself, but also about the responsibilities that everyone themselves bears for this. If you work at or are visiting one of our locations, this means that you must be aware of what kind of things can happen at the location. If you are not aware, then you may be a danger to yourself and to others. That’s why you must take the time to understand the risks and to learn what you should do in dangerous situations. And that is much more than just knowing the rules…


Gasunie is responsible for carrying out a lot of excavation work, this is as a result of new-build work as well as maintenance, inspection and incidents. Performing these excavation activities well is particularly dependent on making a good assessment of the risks associated with the work.

Confined spaces

A confined space is an enclosed or partly open environment that is not designed to accommodate individuals but where activities have to be carried out. It is important that anyone entering a confined space for the purpose of performing work activities recognises it as such and acts accordingly.

Working at height

Work that must be carried out at height can be risky. That’s why it is compulsory to use equipment to prevent falls and to protect employees from falling.

Hoisting and lifting

Hoisting and lifting fall within the riskiest activities. These require knowledge of the correct equipment and application of the correct techniques but are particularly dependent on making a good assessment of the risks associated with the work.

Road safety

For many people, driving to work, during work and home from work forms a daily routine. In order to prevent accidents, we have formulated a number of key points and conditions to promote road safety.

Work permit

The aim of the safety work permit is to guarantee that the work is performed safely, ensuring that incidents, accidents and dangerous situations are prevented.

Making equipment safe

Before starting to carry out certain tasks on an installation, Gasunie must first make the installation (or parts thereof) secure. That means making them liquid-, gas- and pressure-free.

Personal protection equipment

In order to be able to perform work safely, specific personal protection equipment is applicable for many activities (such as work clothing, safety shoes, hard hats and goggles). The use of these items is compulsory.

Alcohol and drugs

Gasunie wants to offer a safe, healthy and productive environment to everyone at its locations. That’s why Gasunie wants to prevent anyone from being incompetent to work as a result of taking alcohol or drugs.


Smoking is not only harmful to your health, it also constitutes a very great risk at gas-transporting locations. Gasunie operates a strict non-smoking policy.