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Green gas

Green gas is produced from biomass (organic carbon-based material). We anticipate that green gas will play a substantial role in the energy transition. Green gas can be used exactly the same way natural gas is being used right now and the infrastructure is already in place. However, the way in which green gas is produced could stand some improvement so that we can increase its share in the energy mix. We are working together with a wide range of stakeholders to develop the equipment and technology needed to make green gas an affordable choice.

What is green gas?

Perhaps the better question is, ‘When is gas green?’. Unlike natural gas, green gas is not a fossil fuel — it is derived from organic waste material like sewer sludge and animal manure. Commonly used methods to turn this material into biogas are anaerobic digestion and gasification. The biogas is then captured and upgraded to the quality of natural gas. This we call ‘green gas’.

Green gas and the energy transition

We believe that, during the energy transition, this sustainable replacement for natural gas will play a prominent role. Green gas is carbon-neutral and also renewable, as the resources needed to produce it (such as manure) are constantly being replenished. And it is quite an advantage that, thanks to the methane (CH4) present in the gas, green gas can be effectively used in the current gas infrastructure. This means that we can store and transport green gas on a large scale. By 2030, we could potentially heat millions of homes with green gas delivered through a hybrid heating system.

Gasunie and green gas

Our infrastructure is ready to facilitate the use of green gas. However, to meet the needs of homes and businesses on this scale, a lot more green gas needs to be produced. We feel it is important that green gas be made available as quickly as possible, in a reliable, affordable and socially responsible manner. With this in mind, we are collaborating with other companies to find ways to produce and deliver green gas more cost-effectively and on a larger scale. We make our knowledge and experience available to everyone so that we can all work together to accelerate the energy transition.