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Hydrogen backbone

With the hydrogen backbone, Gasunie is building a national main hydrogen network, which will connect industries, hydrogen storage facilities and production sites, as well as the countries surrounding us. This is being done primarily using existing and – to a minor extent – new infrastructure that is still to be built.

Hydrogen in the Netherlands

Like the rest of the world, the Netherlands is facing the major challenge of switching to a carbon-neutral energy supply. One of the forms of energy that will be used is hydrogen. Gasunie is in talks with Dutch industry to take stock of the need for (sustainable) hydrogen. It is also looking into how promising it will be to connect industry to the hydrogen network and for Dutch industrial clusters to be connected with each other. Industry in the Netherlands is responsible for about 25% of national carbon emissions, and electrification makes sustainability possible only to a limited extent. Carbon-free gases such as green hydrogen are a must when it comes to making industry more sustainable. For more information on the hydrogen backbone, or if you are interested in connecting to it, please visit the hydrogen backbone project page.

HyWay 27

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, TenneT and Gasunie are conducting a study on the conditions under which part of the existing gas grid can be used to transport hydrogen. The aim of the study, HyWay 27, is to facilitate a decision on creating infrastructure for the transport and storage of hydrogen. The government envisages an important role for carbon-free hydrogen in the transition to a sustainable energy system, and believes that hydrogen also offers opportunities for economic growth. You can find more information on this joint initiative in the press release on the HyWay 27 study or on the HyWay 27 website.

Hydrogen in Europe

Together with 10 other gas infrastructure companies from 9 European member states, Gasunie has drawn up plans for a European hydrogen network. You can read more about this in the press release and the vision paper on the European hydrogen backbone.

In an interview he gave to a German energy magazine, Hydrogen Programme Manager René Schutte talked about how Gasunie’s vision fits into the European plans for hydrogen.