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Backbone commercial process

In October 2020 Gasunie presented the commercial process for the hydrogen backbone development. Since then we received information about potential future use from many interested market parties. This event was the starting point , now we would like to work towards further clarification of the commitments.

Next step  in the commercial process is to organise a separate webinar for each cluster in which we will present the plans for each specific Regional Integrated Backbone (RIB) and for the development of the backbone as a whole.

During each webinar we will also present

  • the results of the questionnaire;
  • information on development of the specific RIB;
  • a Term Sheet including, as far as possible, information on quality, pressure and the indicative tariff bandwidth;
  • the main characteristics of the upcoming Expression of Interest and the accompanying Non-Disclosure Agreement.

The schedule for the webinars will follow soon.

Registration webinar RIB

In future, your e-mail address can be used to contact you for follow-up steps for the development of a national hydrogen backbone, hydrogen storage or other hydrogen-related developments within Gasunie. If you object to the retention or future use of your e-mail address by Gasunie, please contact us at newenergy@gasunie.nl.


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