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What Gasunie does

What Gasunie does

On the roads, a sound infrastructure is needed to ensure safe transport. The same applies to our network. Our infrastructure, comprising thousands of kilometres of pipelines and tens of hundreds of stations, makes the transport, storage and transit of gas possible. Gasunie’s infrastructure is part of Europe's ‘gas roundabout’, a network where gas can easily be traded and transported.

Reliable energy infrastructure

Billions of cubic meters of gas pass through our pipeline system every year. Different types of stations ensure that the gas keeps flowing through the system smoothly and is always of the right quality. Our infographic Our infrastructure mapped out shows exactly how our network of pipelines and stations works.

Gas transport

Our network for gas transport in the Netherlands and Germany connects energy suppliers and consumers. We transport nearly a quarter of all gas consumed in the European Union.

Gas storage

When it is cold outside, the demand for gas outstrips the incoming supply. To meet the higher demand, Gasunie has a gas storage facility, sort of like a piggy bank filled with natural gas.


If you have a project on the horizon that you need to prepare and implement, the consultants at Gridwise Engineering & Services can advise you on the construction and management of the gas infrastructure and more.

Title Transfer Facility (TTF)

TTF is the only Dutch trading platform where the gas in our network can change hands. TTF has become a benchmark hub for gas prices in Europe.