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Our infrastructure mapped out

The gas you use at your home or business comes to you through an enormous system of pipelines and stations. All pipelines up to the network of the local distribution company are part of our infrastructure. Our network also connects to those of our neighbouring countries. This network has everything necessary for the transport, storage and transit of gas. A massive amount of technology ensures that the infrastructure is always safe and reliable. Various types of stations ensure that the gas is properly distributed and measured, and that it is of the right quality. The map below shows all our pipelines and stations and the role they play.

Europe’s gas roundabout

Gasunie’s infrastructure forms a large part of Europe’s ‘gas roundabout’, i.e. the infrastructure, services and other elements needed to trade gas. The approaches direct the gas onto the roundabout, the roundabout itself is where the gas is traded, and through the exits the gas is distributed to the consumers. This network makes gas easy to trade and cost-effective to transport, like from Norway via the Netherlands to consumers in the UK or France for example.