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TTF - Dutch gas trading platform

The gas flowing through our network does not belong to us: we only take care of its transport and transit. In 2003, we launched the Title Transfer Facility (TTF), the only Dutch trading platform where the gas in our network can (virtually) change hands. Such an enormous volume of gas is traded using TTF that it has become a benchmark hub for gas prices in Europe. Even the rest of the world keeps a close eye on what is happening at TTF.

Big in Europe

Twice as much gas is traded through the TTF hub as on all other continental European gas trading platforms combined. Every single day, more than 100 gas traders and financial parties can be found buying and selling large volumes of gas on this virtual exchange. TTF is a success thanks to how it simplifies gas trading. The company is always looking for new connections to other networks. What is more, TTF is transparent, and it offers cross-border transport capacity.

Benefits of a trading platform

An effectively operating trading platform attracts all sorts of traders, all bringing their own gas to the hub. This benefits the security of supply, while also ensuring that the forces of supply and demand can operate freely, keeping down the price of gas. Researchers think that, as a result, consumers save perhaps as much as €100 million on their collective gas bill per year.

In the future too

Gas is an important part of our future sustainable energy mix. This means that the transport of and trade in gas will also remain important. With TTF, Gasunie has a powerful asset at its disposal – for the Dutch economy, for gas consumers and for the supply of energy.